Our friendly and enthusiastic Administration team works hard to keep the practices working effectively and efficiently.

The team consists of our Practice Manager, secretarial support for Dr Malouf,  who work as a cohesive team to manage the practice. Please contact our staff during business hours for any enquires you may have. Our staff are here to help and assist you in every way we can.


We have a Practice Nurse with vast clinical knowledge and expertise in the field of Urology. Our clinical services that are available include

  • Medication Administration
  • Flow Rates
  • Bladder Scanning
  • Catheter Care
  • Wound Care
  • Dressings and Clip Removals
  • Pre and Post Operative Education
  • Telephone Support
  • Urodynamics
  • Flexible Cystoscopies

We believe patient education is vital for making informed decisions related to health.

The Practice Nurse will establish a relationship with the patients and their families immediately following their consultation with the specialist.

Our Practice Nurse will  provide you and your family with consistent support and education throughout each step of the process from diagnosis, surgery, immediately post operative and appropriate follow-up visits.

  • One on one consultation with patients requiring Pelvic Floor Exercises and Bladder training. These sessions are tailored to meet the individuals needs
  • Patients experiencing difficulty voiding can receive immediate relief at the time of consultation as we are experienced in catheterisation including instruction on Self Catheterisation
  • Another area of expertise we have within the practice is the ability to Change Supra pubic catheters
  • Within the appointment system there is time dedicated specifically to education regarding pharmaceutical administration
  • Flexible Cystoscopies, Flow rates and Ultrasound of the bladder are performed within our Practice rooms
  • There is extensive education given to patients requiring a radical prostatectomy, nephrectomies, cystectomies pre-operative. Anatomical structures, computerised graphics and product demonstrations regarding catheters and surgical drains are part of this educational session. Together we discuss what each day of their post operative period will entail in order to decrease the patient’s anxiety and ultimately address and answer all questions they may have related to their surgical episode.

Our Practice Nurse is intimately involved with

  • Consistent Clinical case review with each of the specialist
  • First point of contact with patients requiring post operative clinical assistance which can be via phone or in person within the rooms
  • Address immediate clinical issues identified on the ward, they implement first line management followed by direct discussion with Dr Malouf regarding further clinical intervention
  • She is committed to providing patients with a follow up phone call once they are discharged from hospital.
  • Clinical education involving the hospital ward staff
  • Liaise with other specialty doctors should they require a specific urology consult