Dr Malouf offers comprehensive cancer care with state of the art prostate cancer treatments.  Many studies have shown that the optimal outcome is achieved in experienced units and we are pleased to be able to offer treatments at several centres of excellence including St George Hospital and Hurstville Private Hospital.

Our radiation oncology team includes Dr Joseph Bucci and Dr Yaw Chin both of whom have an international reputation for the delivery of state of the art radiation therapy. Dr Joseph Bucci works in conjunction with  Dr David Malouf, and together they been instrumental in the establishment of the Brachytherapy Programme, including low dose seed brachytherapy and high dose rate brachytherapy at the Prostate Cancer Institute. This remarkable achievement has been recognised by the Cancer Institute of New South Wales with the only publicly funded seed programme in the state available at the Prostate Cancer Institute. Dr Bucci and Dr David Malouf trained in North America and have had their technique internationally validated confirming that the quality of the implants is of the highest order.

We also have an excellent team of nursing staff at St George Hospital, and Hurstville Private  as well as a practice nurse who assists in the preoperative evaluation and postoperative care of patients undergoing surgery. In this regard, it is very important that we are able to provide a full assessment at the time of your visit and should you wish to see Dr Malouf or radiation oncologists, please let our administrative staff know at the time of booking.

Our protocol for assessment includes a second opinion from an expert prostate cancer pathologist and therefore it is imperative that we receive a copy of the pathology from your prostate biopsy. If you could please fax a copy of the pathology report to 02 95531977, our staff will organise for the pathology to be reviewed by Dr Warwick Delprado from Douglas Hanly Moir who has an international reputation as a prostate cancer pathologist. There is a fee for this service from the pathologist however many studies have shown the importance of an experienced pathologist reviewing the biopsy specimen and it is best if this can be achieved prior to your visit.

We are very proud of our results and in particular, we have the largest experience in Australia in nerve grafting and nerve sparing with excellent results in terms of preservation of potency whilst maintaining the best chance of cure of the cancer. You will also find questionnaires and it is important that these are completed and returned to us so that we can constantly measure outcomes to maintain a high standard of care.

Please be sure to bring to the appointment any scans you may have including CT and Bone Scans, list of your medications and any correspondence relating to your condition or general health.

Welcome to Dr David Maloufs’ practice,  and once again, please be reassured that we have an internationally trained team of experts to help you and your family through the decision making process to choose the most appropriate treatment for you in your own individual circumstances.

If there are any further questions prior to your appointment, please do not hesitate to contact any of our administrative staff and we look forward to reviewing you in our dedicated consulting rooms in Kogarah, Miranda, Menai or Nowra.