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  • COVID has impacted preventative care and screening assessments for cancer including breast, bowel & #prostatecancer… https://t.co/4qFArumdiS 2 weeks ago
  • With the events in NSW politics on Friday this seems to have been missed by the media. AHPPC recommends mandatory v… https://t.co/cq7XY9W29V 2 weeks ago
  • RT @ProsCa_Nurse: .@PCFA Webinar - Brachytherapy for #ProstateCancer @DrDavidMalouf @BXTA_ @USANZUrology @FacRadOncology https://t.co/E… 2 weeks ago retweeted via ProsCa_Nurse
  • Pleased to have partnered with Dr Joseph Bucci and @pcfa to deliver a webinar for patients on LDR Brachytherapy.… https://t.co/xGTqm8vk9T 3 weeks ago
  • The best vaccine is the one you can get today. https://t.co/ZvFfQpLc5g 2 months ago