Brachytherapy for Young Prostate Cancer Case

The following excerpt is from the Hunter Prostate Cancer Alliance, where an ambassador for the organisation shares his experience with being diagnoses with prostate cancer at 44.

“Following the positive biopsy results, it became a matter of seeking counsel from Dr White who recommended two options; 1. Radical prostate surgery or 2. Brachytherapy (a form of radiation treatment.) I had an appointment with an outstanding surgeon Dr Phillip Stricker as well as appointments with urologist Dr David Malouf [Urological Surgeon] and oncologist Dr Joseph Bucci to discuss both options. Dr White was also included as we discussed the options in full detail. Together we agreed on the best course of action, which in my case was Brachytherapy. I was a suitable candidate, it was less invasive and it would allow me to recover more quickly.”